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Energy Optimization

With our AI-powered energy optimization algorithm, we deliver strong energy savings while maintaining optimal service level for all tenants, aiming to help clients striving for the energy saving or net zero carbon targets of their premises by real-time optimizing the performance of the centralized heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) dynamically without violating the satisfaction of the building occupants.

With an extensive dataset of building performance, we have helped over 35 buildings save 4.1 million kWh of energy consumption and reduced their carbon emission by 3,200,000 kg.

Building Cooling Load Prediction

Before optimizing the performance of the HVAC system, enabling to forecast the building cooling load based on historical data with machine learning is one of the major tasks in our energy optimization service.

Chiller Plant Efficiency Improvement

Adopting JEDI with digital twin approach for characterizing the performance of the HVAC system as well as fine-tuning the system dynamically, the energy performance of the system can then be enhanced. At least 8% annual energy saving depending on the size, type and current operation of the system can be achieved.

Chiller Plant Energy Consumption

As the chiller plant is the major energy consumer of the typical commercial buildings, optimizing chillers plant contributes a major reduction of the entire building energy consumption.

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Our Technology

Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Leveraging big data and machine learning to refine pattern identification and fault detection, we preempt and predict faults before they happen, and automatically dispatch experienced technicians to rectify them.

We have successfully implemented fault detection and energy optimization for 11 buildings of a Grade A property developer, resolved 100+ faults and achieved 92.7% within 1°C of comfort level.

Minimize Downtime

JEDI implements machine learning to identify potential degradation or fault of the equipment and offers predictive maintenance to minimize expected downtime.

Reduce Energy Waste

Predictive maintenance on major equipment can help reducing energy usage.

Performance Optimization

Constant performance tracker to help prioritise maintenance tasks interns of repairing work or retrofitting through the generation of JEDI FDD notification summary and maintenance record.

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Energy Analytics Dashboard

Powered by the rich data collected throughout our partnerships with customers and vendors, our highly customizable dashboards driven by big data and AI can deliver rich insights to empower decision making.

High Customization

JEDI offers highly customized goals setting based on every unique need for the best performance management.

All-In-One Smart Platform

A comprehensive dashboard with every function inquires to facilitate real-time monitoring of building performance.

User-Friendly Interface

An integrated platform with various sorts of reporting work can be automatically generated to reduce labour intensity.

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