Our Technology

Harnessing the power of data management and AI-powered analytics, we build a smart digital platform to optimize the performance of buildings at every stage of their lifecycle. Our fault detection diagnostics enable predictive maintenance of buildings, while our energy optimization platform is also proven to deliver strong energy savings to another level. ​

Our Benefits

  • ESG Focused

    Better understand your organization’s energy consumption trends and reduce its carbon footprint.

  • AI & ML Optimization

    An ever-improving optimization model means higher accuracy and more savings over time.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Get notified and rectify faults before they happen, providing your tenants the best experience.

  • Zero Upfront Cost

    This balance sheet-light, CAPEX-free investment certainly ticks all the boxes in the finance department.

  • Non-Intrusive Interface

    Easily integrates onto existing chillers and equipment regardless of brand without replacements required.

  • Savings-Sharing Plan

    We only take a slice of what we save for you. This means minimal payback period and maximum ROI for you.

Building Life Cycle

Our advanced platform help optimize the building performance at every stage of their lifecycle.

Design, Plan and Build

JEDI integrates with IOT and smart sensors to capture building operation data.

Construction Completed

Construction completed.

Building Operation

Once a building is in operation, JEDI continuously collects, analyses and learns to optimize building performance.

Retro Commissioning

JEDI helps to identify new operational improvements and facilitate retro-commissioning to enhancing the overall building performance.

Equipment Replacement

Using the data we collected, JEDI helps to support investment decisions on when and what equipment to replace.

2nd Equipment Replacement

2nd equipment replacement.

Building Decommissioned

Using all the data collected, JEDI helps the next phase of design planning to build better buildings.

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